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Why collect Whisky?

Collecting whisky is not dissimilar to collecting any other items of interest. It’s very satisfying and has an element of challenge, a bit like a car collector having a barn car find, or a coin collector finding a rare coin at a school charity boot sale.

The difference is that Collectable Quality Whisky is susceptible to being consumed! They can also be broken easily, and once it’s gone it is unable to be replicated exactly, due to the natural fermentation process that makes each barrel one of a kind.

A key benefit of collecting Whisky is that once it is bottled, Whisky will not age and change in quality or character. Whisky only matures and flavours whilst in the barrel, not in the bottle.

Another important fact is that Collectable Whisky trades relatively easily, and if you collect the correct whisky, it will most certainly increase in value over the years, providing it is kept intact and unopened.

We recommend, that like any other collecting, you research, research, research. This will ensure you can keep across current prices and trends.