Johnnie Walker Blue Label Middle East Willow

The latest release Willow Bottle designed my renowned artist Rana Zaher to depict the journey of the Johnnie Walker brand from Scotland to the Persian Gulf in the Middle East. The depiction incorporates elements from Lebanon, Dubai, Egypt, Jordan, and Qatar.
From traditional Lebanese houses to the pillars of Baalbak, ending with the Petra treasury, palm trees, and Burj Khalifa.
Another exquisite Willow bottle from Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker Ultimate 18

In late 2016, Diageo celebrated the launch of the Limited Edition Johnnie Walker Gold 18 at White Place Hotel Saigon.

The exclusively limited special release Johnnie Walker 18  is created from whisky of no less than 18 years of age, from the depth and character of the Malt flavours from some of the worlds most elite distilleries including: Malt Speyside regions such as Cardhu and Glen Elgin