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Whiskybank is your online marketplace for collecting and trading Rare, Limited Edition, Whisky.

Collecting whisky is not dissimilar to collecting any other items of interest. Good quality whisky holds its value and is becoming a very sought after as an alternative investment.

The difference is that collectable quality whisky is susceptible to being accidently consumed generally by an unsuspecting family member – spouse – partner- 21st Birthday party goer just to name a few hopefully by not knowing the true rarity or value. Your own fault for not put it away in a safe place !!. So once it’s gone replacing it exactly can be a challenge,remembering that its a naturally made product that takes years to mature with natures elements in control along the way.

A key benefit of collecting whisky is that once the whisky is bottled it will not age and change in quality or character any further. Whisky only matures and flavours whilst in the barrel, not in the bottle. Unlike wine its higher alcohol content keeps it from spoiling.

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