Johnnie Walker Cardhu final releases

Here is a very rare example of a 1 Litre late bottling of Cardhu.

Note that the bottle on the left would be your standard 70s to early 80s Cardhu with the striding man logo clearly visible on the neck label and also on outer box packaging.

Bottle 2 on the right only refers to Johnnie walker on the very fine script at the bottom of the face label. Normally this later version of Cardhu (early 90s) was at the time when Johnnie Walker were making plans to re-ignite their Cardhu distillery with its own Branding hence today the Cardhu Whisky is its own standalone brand, still owned by the Johnnie Walker parent company Diageo.

We believe this particular bottle was one of a very few, possibly a months or two production or even possibly to deplete the last few labels that still adorned any reference to Johnnie Walker.


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