Johnnie Walker Globe Willow Edition Blue Label

Released August 2016

JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE, unveiled the Johnnie Walker House™ Exclusive Collection Global Edition. Part of the signature JOHNNIE WALKER HOUSE Willow Collection, the Johnnie Walker House™ Exclusive Collection Global Edition commemorates the travel heritage of JOHNNIE WALKER, celebrating a constant sense of adventure and an unending pursuit of progress.

Created in collaboration with illustrators Good Wives and Warriors, the whimsical design depicts the modern traveller’s dreamscape and draws parallels to the epic voyage undertaken by JOHNNIE WALKER from the four corners of Scotland to the four corners of the world. With the signature square bottle as a canvas, the detailed engraving etched in blue under-glaze on porcelain brings to life the insatiable quest for adventure of JOHNNIE WALKER and yields new discoveries with each look:

  • Distinct landmarks, cues and nuances from all seven continents of the world – from the Great Wall of China to the Pyramids of Giza
  • The iconic square bottle of JOHNNIE WALKER planted in the most ambitious destinations and the most unexpected places; conquering the top of Victoria Falls in Africa, blending into the concrete jungle that is New York City and crossing the final frontier to land on the moon
  • An old sailing ship bearing the JOHN WALKER & SONS emblem exploring unchartered waters, paying homage to the grand ocean voyages undertaken by JOHNNIE WALKER

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